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TV Screens in Your Warehouse and Production Areas.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

TV screens unlock hidden data where it is needed the most.

What gets measured gets done! Digital signage systems (TV screens) are being used more & more throughout warehouses, the shop floor, and offices. This technology is partially due to the low cost of TV screens and microcomputers and the simplicity of setting up.

Traditionally, important daily operational information is locked away in business ERP databases, shared spreadsheets, whiteboards, and paper reports. However, displaying critical business information on TV screens in your critical areas is now easier than ever. Digital signage pulls real-time data from your current business software system (ERP) and displays what is essential for today, tomorrow, and next week.

Employees responsible for the day-to-day movement of products and services may not be tied to email or other communication methods that others may be. As a result, notifications of urgent changes to customer orders and production statuses are communicated inefficiently.

Above: Traditional whiteboard scheduling.

Above: Replace your manual whiteboard scheduling with real-time data.

Advantages of Digital Signage:

  • Transparency & Accountability.

  • Show your data and TAKE ACTION!

  • Unlock the hidden data in your ERP System.

  • Keep dates accurate for MRP planning AND customer deliveries.

  • Near real-time information- every X minutes.

  • Expose hidden problems and broken processes.

  • ALERTS to changing situations.

  • Marching orders for the day.

  • Create a more engaged workforce.

  • Reduces paper shuffling, emailing, and phone calls.

  • Increase efficiency company-wide.

Display Real-Time Information:

  • New and Open Sales Orders.

  • Shipping Lineup (Next 'X' Days)

  • Production Orders Due (Next 'X' Days).

  • Items Received Today.

  • Overdue Purchase Orders.

For Use In:

  • Shop Floor Areas.

  • Production Departments.

  • Shipping & Receiving Departments.

  • Executive conference rooms.

Above: Simple real-time digital display system.

Whether you are just looking to display data from your ERP system or looking for a more engaging Digital Display system, We can help you make the right decision. Contact us today to see how we can help you implement the perfect digital display solution.

Roger Pujol is a business improvement consultant and founder of Champion Business Solutions, LLC. He speaks and writes about encounters helping small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) improve their business operations.

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