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ERP Business Process Assessment BPA

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Business Process Assessment


ERP Business Process Assessment

A Business Process Assessment (BPA) is an onsite discovery process to uncover inefficiencies and waste in your day-to-day business activities. It reveals the actual sources of your pain points and business practices that drive up your cost, your ability to be competitive, and your ability to meet customer requirements. It can be much narrower in scope, such as focusing on a particular area or a complete company-wide comprehensive assessment of all functional areas. A BPA is commonly used in conjunction with evaluating, purchasing, or optimizing business software such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system or a more focused third-party solution such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or a Warehouse Management System (WMS).


If any of the below conditions sound familiar, you should seriously consider a Business Process Assessment.

  • Excel spreadsheets are emailed throughout your organization daily.

  • Keeping track of inventory or customer orders in Excel spreadsheets.

  • Key team-member absences or vacations cause business disruptions.

  • Inability to determine when a product can ship.

  • Duplicate data entry in the business software system.

  • Data kept outside your primary business software in MS Access, Excel, shared drives, paper.

  • Unable to get accurate and timely information from your current ERP software system.

  • On-time Delivery (OTD) to customers is poor.

  • Inventory accuracy below 95%.

  • Manually printing outdated reports.

  • Paper-based workflow throughout your company.

Key benefits of a Business Process Assessment

  • Identify and eliminate waste.

  • Compare your business processes to industry best practices.

  • Increase team member knowledge.

  • Validate data reliability.

  • Improve communication within your organization.

  • Reduce paper-based activities and processes.

Why use an independent business software consultant?
Champion Business Solutions, LLC is independent of software vendors, unbiased, and works on your behalf for the best solutions for your business. We are independent consultants, and we provide expert onsite assessment and reporting with practical advice and recommendations based on our findings. We do not just send you a report and invoice. Instead, we create an implementation roadmap and execute a Business Process Improvement (BPI) plan to completion.

Beware of ERP Software providers who offer Business Process Assessments free of charge as they are biased towards their specific solutions. Instead, an independent consultant creates a buffer between your company and software publishers to keep your best interest forward.


Contact us for a free consultation on how a Business Process Assessment can help your company.


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