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Consulting for Small to Medium Sized Businesses


Welcome to Champion Business Solutions, LLC


Consulting in Progress

Champion Business Solutions consultants are hands-on professionals who provide expert assistance in select business processes.  Hands-on consulting means that we are prepared to help you implement what we suggest and not just send you a report and invoice. We are your resource for real business process improvement.


We work in warehouse layout & management, ERP business software selection, 3rd party ERP solutions & integration, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and many other functional business areas found in manufacturing and distribution environments. ​Champion Business Solutions, LLC, utilizes an extensive network of specialty consultants to resolve your business pain points.


Our primary client base consists of small to medium-sized manufacturing and distribution type companies. In addition, Family owned & operated businesses are a natural fit for us.

Contact us today for a discussion on how to improve your business operations.

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