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Training Workshops

Training Workshops

Welcome to Champion Business Solutions, LLC


Training Skills

Champion Business Solutions, LLC, holds specialized training onsite at your place of business, through online webinars, and at select business conference centers open to the public. ​Our seminars & workshops are specially designed for manufacturing and distribution companies facing real-world challenges and seeking solutions to their daily Lead-to-Cash pain points.


What separates us from typical training companies is that we continue to engage with you after the training events to apply solutions from the workshop to your unique circumstances. Thus, our training is customized to your organization, your problems, and your people.

Some of our seminars and workshops are;

  • CRM-Customer Relationship Management Introduction Workshop

  • Tradeshows: Getting The Most Out of Your Experience Workshop​

  • 5S In the Workplace

  • ​Lean Process Improvement Workshop

  • Continuous Improvement with Lean Workshop

  • ​Process Improvement with Gap Analysis Workshop​​

  • Purchasing & Procurement Basics Workshop

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Workshop

  • ​MRP & Production Management Workshop

  • ​Business Process Management Workshop​​

  • Inventory Management Best Practices Workshop

  • ​Cycle Counting & Inventory Accuracy Workshop

  • ​Digital Transformation Workshop

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