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Business Process Improvement 7 Wastes

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Business Process Improvement


The 8 Wastes

Above: The original seven wastes developed by Taiichi Ohno. The 8th waste of unused skills was added in the late 1990s.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) always includes lean thinking. Lean thinking aims to remove waste from your business work processes. Waste is any step or action in your business that does not add value to the customer and the customer is unwilling to pay for.

The 8 Wastes

  1. Transportation -Unnecessary conveyance of products, tools, inventory, and equipment from one location to another, or handoff from one team member to another

  2. Inventory- In the accounting department, excess inventory is classified as an asset. In reality, it is a waste. It costs money to move, store, and insure. Excess inventory is often subject to obsolescence. 

  3. Motion-Unnecessary physical or mental motion is often associated with searching.

  4. Waiting- done by customers or by employees.

  5. Over Production- Producing more than your customer is requesting or before they request it.

  6. Over Processing- Unnecessary manual work that does not contribute value to the product.

  7. Defects- A mistake that reaches the customer.

  8. Skills-Unused Talent.

​Business Process Improvement (BPI) is laser-focused and analyzes procedures to identify areas where you can improve accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency, and then redesign those processes to realize the improvements. BPI works by detecting the operations or team member skills that could encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow, overall business growth, and waste elimination. 

Six warning signs that you need Business Process Improvement.

  1. Spreadsheet Mania (Excel Hell)

  2. Email Overload

  3. Paper Process Documentation

  4. Process Variation (different people do it different ways)

  5. Duplication

  6. Excessive Handwriting


At Champion Business Solutions, LLC, our approaches to sustainable Business Process Improvement are the lean approach and the Rapid Improvement approach.

  • Lean is a customer-centric methodology used to improve processes through the elimination of the seven wastes continuously. Our philosophy is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste and non-value added activities.

  • Rapid Improvement is a streamlined immediate improvement such as Kaizen or Just-Do-It designed to be action-oriented and address readily apparent issues. Our philosophy is the simple tactical focus to fix known problems with obvious quick fixes that are easy to implement.

Benefits of Business Process Improvement (BPI)

  • Separate value-add activities from non-value-added activities.

  • Improve accuracy, effectiveness & efficiency.

  • Reduce, or eliminate waste.

  • Automate routine tasks.

  • Increase Productivity.

  • Increase Employee & Customer satisfaction.

  • Utilize Technology more effectively.​

​Champion Business Solutions, LLC will evaluate and re-engineer your business processes to achieve maximum efficiency and eliminate waste in the day-to-day operations of your company. Contact us today for a short discussion on how we can help you improve your business processes.​

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