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Inventory Acuracy and Cycle Counting

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Inventory Accuracy


Two young people working together in warehouse storage facility. Checking goods at distrib

Above: Learn how two-person counting teams will increase your inventory accuracy.

Is your company struggling with inventory accuracy? What is the confidence level in your ERP business software system when it comes to fulfilling customer orders from your on-hand inventory levels? If your confidence is low, you are not alone. Only 65% of manufacturing and distribution companies can claim inventory accuracy levels of 95% or greater.

​Master cost-saving methods that improve inventory and cycle count accuracy, reduce stock-outs, increase customer satisfaction, and save countless hours.  Champion Business Solutions, LLC, is proud to offer the popular Strategos Kaizen event “Five Weeks to Inventory Record Accuracy.” 


​Accurate inventory records are attainable!
This on-site educational workshop at your facility not only explains how it guides your team through the design of an inventory accuracy program for your facility.

Your team will decide how to:

  • First, reduce the cost and frustration of Physical Inventories. 

  • Second, set up and operate Cycle Counting to replace physical inventories eventually. 

  • Third, Find and eliminate the Root Causes of record errors.

  • Fourth, reduce transaction volume to cut costs and reduce new errors.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Reducing the Pain with Cycle Counting.

  • What Cycle Counting is and why it works.

  • Understand the fundamental statistical principles that underlie cycle counting.

  • How to organize, staff, and direct your cycle counters.

  • To determine procedures for cycle counting and fixing errors. 

  • How to determine the number of cycle counts per day and how many people to assign.

  • How to cope in a 24-7 environment.

  • To measure progress and adjust your program as required.

  • How to Eliminate Root Causes. 

  • Why finding the cause of an error is more important than the error.

  • How to find and fix the Root Causes of inventory errors. 

  • Is bar-coding right for you? 

  • Easy and Accurate Physical Inventories. 

  • The advantages and disadvantages of hiring an outside inventory firm.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your inventory accuracy pain points.

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