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About Champion Business Solutions

About Us

Welcome to Champion Business Solutions, LLC

Champion Business Solutions, LLC, of Hartsdale, NY, has served small to midsize businesses in the tri-state area and beyond since 2007. Our expertise is in improving our client's business processes to help them cut costs, increase revenue, and ultimately offer excellence in customer satisfaction. To help our clients succeed, we assist our clients with ERP business software system utilization, software selection, third-party solutions, and ongoing continuous improvement initiatives.




Businesses today do not have resources to waste. We help to find practical & effective solutions to business problems through your industry best practices, strategy, tech, design thinking, and good old-fashioned creativity.​​

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Employees often have all of the tools they need, but they need someone to show them how to use them.  ​We offer solutions such as on-site seminars & workshops specialized to your specific situation.​​​

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Automation can take the form of e-mail Automation, Business Process Automation, Automated Reporting, and even Warehouse Robotics (drones). Our solutions help prepare you to scale your business to the next level.​​

"That's the way we've always done it" --Anonymous consulting client"



Mission Statement

To guide companies through the process of business process improvement. Our role is to act as a trusted advisor and educator, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions, and implementation.  

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Our Value Proposition

​We help busy companies eliminate their pain points by providing innovative and practical solutions in their day-to-day lead-to-cash operations. Unlike other business training and consulting firms, our passions ​are innovation, education, and automation.


A Win-Win Situation

Since our clients consist of all-sized companies, we can educate larger companies on how small, nimble, efficient companies with limited resources operate and educate small growing companies on how large companies succeed and how they got there. ​

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