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Why Improve Your Business Processes?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Business Process Improvement
Above: Business Process Improvement

Why Do I Need Business Process ​Improvement?

Simply put, business processes are how things get done. Business processes range from how a customer order is created, shipped, and invoiced, to how new employees are trained. Small business owners and employees often perform many different tasks, and processes are executed each time differently. The most obvious ones rise to the surface when employees take vacation time or other absence leave or leave altogether. The less obvious ones appear when someone outside your organization (auditor) discovers problems. Moreover, small companies are less organized, and their processes are not well-defined or unclear. As a result, it leaves employees confused about their role in the company and not as efficient as possible.

Business processes in many small companies are not formalized and are performed from memory or, more commonly called, tribal knowledge. Some of the benefits of documenting your business processes are;

  1. Elimination of Waste

  2. Automation of Work

  3. Decreased Costs

  4. Fewer Errors

  5. Smooth & Efficient Workflow

  6. Business Scalability

  7. New Employee Onboarding

We receive many calls from business owners looking to automate their business processes. Unfortunately, we often find poor or missing processes after the initial discovery. Automating flawed processes is a bad idea!

If you would like a professional review of your current business processes, please contact us; we will help uncover the inefficiencies and provide solutions.

Roger Pujol is a business improvement consultant and founder of Champion Business Solutions, LLC. He speaks and writes about encounters helping small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) improve their business operations.

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